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How We Do It

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Define – We get percolating Define – We get percolating

Define – We get percolating

Like all good chats, we start by sticking the kettle on and whipping out the biscuits. Time for us to sit down and take in your big idea; we ask questions, make lots of notes and get a firm grasp of your brief. We quantify time-scales, costs and your other expectations. To make sure things run smoothly from start to finish, we add your project to our BaseCamp & assign you an account manger - who you can contact direct to keep up-to-date with progress.
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Concepts – The sparks start to fly

With your brief in hand our team sits down & we get our creative juices flowing! We start to thrash out some ideas within our creative team. This includes a myriad of sketching out layouts, ideas, mood boards, user-experience & user-process concepts.  
Concepts – The sparks start to fly Concepts – The sparks start to fly
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Shape – Things really get rolling Shape – Things really get rolling

Shape – Things really get rolling

The concepts have been signed off and the project begins production. This could be the art working of a brochure or the HTML templating of your website. We still work with our clients ensuring we get sign off at milestones and managing the entire project on our internal management system. You'll be able to have as much input or as little as you like, being able to dip your toe in and view designs or jump right in and work closely with us on every page design.
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Refinement – Adding the polish

Feedback, refine, Feedback, develop... this is our mantra at this stage. We are gearing for launch and everything is being finalised, testing, proof reading, testing, etc. We're polishing the product, adding the sexy JavaScript animations to the website or deciding which stock of paper to print on and what finish. It's coming, it's imminent...
Refinement – Adding the polish Refinement – Adding the polish
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Engage – Lastly we add the catalyst Engage – Lastly we add the catalyst

Engage – Lastly we add the catalyst

Boom, we're there. The brochures are printed and the website is a finished product, every pixel dripping with style. In all honesty this is just the beginning of the journey, where our relationship really blossoms. We now look at supporting you, the website or with further marketing activities ideas you may not have considered. We’ll always be in tutch.
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Like the way we work and want to find out more? Get in contact. We would love to hear from you.

Or better still come in and meet the team. The kettle has just boiled, how do you take yours?